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Expanding waterstops: The invisible heroes in the construction industry

In this article we take a look at the importance of expanding waterstops, their functions and why they are indispensable for the construction world.

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How to seal your gutters

Learn how to seal your basement and effectively fight moisture. Tips and guidance for a dry and safe home.

White tub as a watertight reinforced concrete construction

Discover the advantages of the white tub: A watertight reinforced concrete construction for reliable protection and durability.

Sealing the basement - that's how it works

Learn how to seal your basement and effectively fight moisture. Tips and guidance for a dry and safe home.

basement waterproofing

Building profiles made of plastic in use

Discover the versatile use of plastic construction profiles for efficient and durable construction projects. Quality and flexibility in one!

Plastic profiles

How do joint tapes actually work?

Discover how waterstops work and play their role in stabilizing structures and protecting against moisture and cracking.

Construction site

Angle profiles made of plastic

Discover the versatile angle profiles made of plastic for your project. Robust, light and durable - the perfect solution for various applications.

Workers at a construction site

Expansion joint tapes inside and outside

Protect your building structures effectively with interior and exterior expansion joint tapes. Optimum solution for expansion compensation and sealing.

Plastic profiles

Sawing plastic profiles - procedure

Discover how to saw and process plastic profiles effectively. Tips and instructions for precise cutting and perfect results.

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